Spiritual Healing Hurts!

Spiritual Healing Hurts!

Spiritual Healing Hurts!

Why can healing hurt so much?

I work with people how are ready to “get over” “move past” or “resolve” past hurts and history.  Whichever way you choose to phrase it, the process of healing is not always a painless one.  If all it took was saying “OK, hurts be gone!” we all would have resolved our stuff years or decades ago just by saying we are ready.  It takes work, patience, self-reflection, courage, honestly, getting out of our heads, forgiving ourselves and others and action.

Several are helped through a session(s) with Spirit where loved ones can communicate and help provide closure.  Others, need more 1:1 time to understand how energy plays a huge role in how they feel today about past events.    I focused on healing anxiety and depression most of my life.

When I discovered I was a medium I thought I got to the bottom of all this and it would be easy going forward.  Nope, not at all and any feelings especially of panic came roaring to the surface.

I had more work to do and mentored intensely with my amazing teacher to help me help myself.   She did not and could not do the work for me but she did give me the tools I needed to help myself.  She believed in me that I was not broken, held me accountable for my own feelings and didn’t allow me to make excuses for myself.

Being there with a person in their pain and not taking that pain way is in my opinion unconditional love.

When I work with clients, I never know how someone will process or find their way to resolve but what I do know… once you put an intent to heal out there, you better be ready for those feelings to come for you to resolve.Everyone looks at their pasts differently because no one sees, processes and feels events the exact same way so we unwind them differently as well.

Same with physical illnesses.  Case in point, my mother and I are a lot alike.  We both had our gall bladders out but our experiences were vastly different.  I was in my 20’s, there was slow onset, l knew the people I worked with so the process was very professional and almost tense and I still don’t feel I have recovered from the anesthesia 20+ years later!  My mom (half of my gene pool) had symptoms of a heart attack, was in her early 70’s, was given such a hard time by the ER staff as she was afraid they were going to take the wrong organ or maybe a limb and within 3 days she was over here cooking for me!   Same issue, vastly different outcomes    Would emotional wounds be any different?  I don’t think so.

With emotions, we tend to ‘overthink’ wondering why, what if, it’s not that bad, I had it worse than anyone, I am bad… on and on … because emotional stuff is SO subjective and once it is over its over right?  Nope, no necessarily.    So, let’s make emotional hurts more concrete like a sliver in your dominant hand.

Imagine…. each hurtful situation that has stuck with you, each negative thought in your head or other things you intend or feel you need to “heal” is a sliver of wood or metal in your dominant hand.  One by one they are going in to your hand but not coming out.  Some of them are huge, some small, others metal with hooks in them, others are rusty, etc.   If you just ignore them eventually they become infected or at least come to the surface.  How can you even move and fully use your dominant hand with all that damage? You can’t.

We can medicate (suppress, over eat, drink, depression) the symptoms (anger, victim, ongoing suffering, repeating behaviors) but the underlying issue (hurt) is still lodged in.     

We have all had a sliver and they do not come out on their own.  It’s a process of opening and pulling out which is not an enjoyable but the outcome after that intense feeling is relief.    Digging and digging asking “why are you there sliver?” “how did I let you get there?” “I am going to push you in further!” does not help.

So… I repeat, emotional healing is not always pleasant.  It takes work, patience, self-reflection, courage, honestly, getting out of our heads, forgiving ourselves and others and action.