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Are you searching for change? Feel disempowered or like an imposter? Many people do. It’s normal! I was all over the place, and my mind felt fragmented.

WHAT IS FRAGMENTING? In computer terms, it’s deleting or moving information on a hard drive leaving small gaps, lessened capacity, and poor performance. I equate the hard drive to our mind which can also feel fragmented!

WHAT TO DO? You defragment a computer, so let’s defragment our minds!

WHAT IS DEFRAGMENTING? Putting that information back in its orderly place.

Our minds, like computers, need maintenance.

I understand the need to put our thoughts, emotions, and energy in the right viewpoint. I use my intuition to holistically assess my client’s needs to develop tailored action plans to help you uncover, discover, and dive into their gifts. Beyond the traditional coaching framework, I am open to sharing all my best practices and proven methods for thriving at work and home. Who would not want to feel more joy? More personal consistency between work and home? More hope? More authentic?

As a Certified NLP Practitioner and Coach, I can help you:

    • Discover and address what is holding you back.
    • Move from procrastination to motivation.
    • Find and unleash your self-confidence and passion.
    • Gracefully face old negative emotions.
    • Eliminate negative beliefs
    • Make neurodiversity your super power!
    • And more…
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Why choose me?

My Certifications:

  • Certified NLP Practitioner and Coach
  • Time Line Therapy® Practitioner
  • Certified Hypnotherapist
  • Certified Spirit Medium Level I, II, & III (Graduate Program – Spirit Practitioner) by James Van Praagh
  • Certified Psychic Intuitive Messenger by James Van Praagh
  • Certified Apprentice Medium by James Van Praagh
  • I have been burned out and came back!

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Mindfulness at Home and Work


In these trying times right now, we all need something to help us with our self-care, confidence, emotions, and thoughts. Please enjoy my Mindfulness at Home and Work video course as a FREE gift (VALUE $275)!

Learn the basics of:

    • Self Care & Energy
    • Monitoring your thoughts & letting go of emotions
    • Personal Power & Confidence
    • Accountability

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