Rage on With a Gentle Heart

Rage on With a Gentle Heart

The gentle heart is honest.  A gentle heart is kind.  A gentle heart is compassionate.  Honesty, kindness, and compassion are my core guiding principles.  Those three philosophies drive authenticity in my soul.  (I could write a dissertation on authenticity).  These values pave the way forward, and when I look back, there are a few rough patches but overall, color the past.

Honesty: It’s essential to honest with ourselves before we can be truthful with others.   This is not a free pass to be nasty to others with smug bogus venom and calling it honesty.    Honesty can be tricky, especially when we are challenged to face conflicts with our own soul.  When I am repeatedly triggered, can’t let something go or hold a grudge, it’s time to look inward and ask, “what is this stirring in me?”  Be honest.  Once we see that the trigger is a typical blind spot emotion such as jealousy, anger, or envy, we can help process them.  Often, just putting a name to the feeling and acknowledging it, placates the sting now and in the future.  Candor takes bravery, vulnerability, and the ability to face our past and forgive.    Forgiveness includes forgiving others and ourselves. Honesty takes a lot of work.

Kindness: Kindness is authentically caring for and serving others and ourselves while expecting nothing in return.  We all have had ulterior motives.  Why?  We are humans trying to address our human needs.   How many of you have given something, expected reciprocation and then sulked when you didn’t get what you anticipated?  I have, for sure.   Once we get past the judgment of having these motives, we can forgive and have a more genuine approach to our actions.  Giving when the time is right while holding healthy boundaries and expecting nothing in return is a beautiful way to live.

Compassion: Compassion literally means “to suffer together.”   I don’t resonate with this literal meaning of suffering.   Instead, compassion is a bundle of empathy, concern, tender-heartedness and understanding when others are in need.  Allowing that beautiful, selfless emotion of compassion to rise within us, to feel a connection with others, is heartwarming.  Compassion empowers the soul while pity or feeling sorry for dis-empowers by reinforcing there is no hope.

Gentle traits are not always appreciated or understood by others, for that matter, even us.  Gentle characteristics are not a sign of weakness but a sign of strength.   Show me someone who is sincerely gentle, and I will show you strength beyond any title or weapon.   Our world needs strong hearts more than ever.

Rage on with your gentle heart.

All the best, Kristen MH