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Connect to Spirit

How can I connect with Spirit?

I am asked a lot “how can I connect with Spirit on my own?” When I tell people how simple it can be, feedback is disbelief and “well, I’m not special enough”.  Let me fill you in on a little secret… you are special enough!   We have an eternal connection with our spirit guides, angels and loved ones- always.

Why and how can each of us connect with our soul family?   Well, through love of course.  Love is the purest energetic vibration in which we are all interconnected.   If you had a love connection either before you incarnated or while here in your physical body you can connect with this energy.   My dear father in law passed away expectedly in March 2017.  We miss his sage advice, handwritten letters and physical presence but my husband can still feel him.   Leif can feel his warmth, love and acceptance because Leif is OPEN to feeling that connection.  

I did a session and follow up blog on on Divine help and connection outlining that we humans have a physical body but we are mostly energy aka our soul.  Our soul is not defined by how our body looks and we are here for soul development.    All of us with Spirit have different levels of vibration.  Those of us here on earth have the densest vibration, next up on the scale are deceased loved ones, Sprit guides, ascended masters, angels, arch angels and source or what I call God.  In order to connect with each of those “levels” we need to be close to that vibration in order to connect.  Those not in physical form come down a bit and we need to rise up.   That energetic love connection is never lost.  

**!!!LOOK!!!**  ———> 

I was nearly moved to tears when this picture surfaced on FB from last year.  To me, this is exactly how Spirit sees and finds us. Notice the lights coming up and out of us!  This is as close to a visual representation of our inner light, love and vibration that I have been able to find.
Isn’t that beautiful?  

Now, how can spirit connect with us when we are in fear, have self-loathing, feel worthless, angry or any of those lower vibrations?  How can we feel their connection of love if we don’t have that in us?

   We need to be in a place of love.

My clients want that connection unfortunately not all can see their own inner light shine.    You really do need to be in the right mindset and vibration to do so to consistently connect.  Our soul family will show up in times of need and those times are not associated with high vibrational energy but to consistently connect, we need to work on our own worth and let our inner light shine.

   Before you beat yourself up if you have struggled connecting with love ones…please know that I have too.  I wanted that link but didn’t work on myself to clear the energetic path to get it.  I missed loved ones but never felt them as I was too down.  It takes time, practice and seeing yourself the way Spirit does.  

As a medium, I constantly work on maintaining my light and energy so I can be of service to those in the spirit world for those I resonate with.   Spirit has never told me “yep, your client was a jerk from day one…. I hate your client… your client is a disappointment to me, etc”. Quite the contrary, your soul family loves you and the further back they go back generationally…  I can just FEEL the expanding generational love.    

If you could see yourself the way I see you through Spirit… you would never doubt yourself ever again.

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