Spirit Medium & Mentor

 A Spirit Medium, who connects loved ones here with those in spirit to help heal their hearts. Mindfulness Mentor who works with career minded people to help them understand the role of energy to help bring harmony to work and home.

Mediumship Sessions

Connect you with your loved ones in spirit.

Mindfulness Mentoring

Let’s find your inner Buddha from the conference room to the kitchen!

About Kristen

My goal is to provide time for you to … Mend the heart, calm the mind and soothe the soul…


Talking Yourself off the Ledge

Ever find yourself:

  • Really worked up with a personal or work issue?
  • Needing help in talking yourself “off the ledge”?
  • Having situations turning into a crisis when in hindsight, it didn’t need to be?

Let Kristen provide you with 4 FREE short videos that break down how to reframe a problem before it becomes a crisis.

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