Overwhelmed, stressed, or burned out?

You are in the right place. I help career-driven women like you find balance and clarity with my signature blend of spiritual and practical tools.

 A Spirit Medium, who connects loved ones here with those in spirit to help heal their hearts. A Coach/Mentor who works with career-minded people to help them understand the role of energy to help bring harmony to work and home.


Practical  “must-haves” for stress relief!

Learn to interrupt (“Ctrl-Alt-Delete”) the negative mindset before the day spirals out of control! We all know the concept, let’s move to real action.

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    Personalized Coaching

    Let’s find your inner Buddha from the conference room to the kitchen!

    Mediumship Sessions

    Connect you with your loved ones in spirit.

    About Kristen

    My goal is to provide time for you to … Mend the heart, calm the mind and soothe the soul…