Answers to some common questions…

Q. Who are you and what do you do?

I’m Kristen, Spirit Medium and Mentor.

Simply put, I use my intuition to connect with you at the Spirit level to provide insights for you from Spirit or direct messages from loved ones or guides. Most readings are done over the phone but can be done in person. Nope, I don’t need to touch you!

Themes are:

  •  I have deceased loved ones or guides I want to connect with — my favorite!
  •  Show me how to connect with my loved ones are guides (yes, this is possible)
  •  I am having a hard time at work (all work is personal!) or home and need some help working through this issue
  •  Some people just feel “stuck” and want insight into what Spirit has to say.

No reading is ever the same even with the same person.

Q. How do you receive information?

My primary sense is Clairsentience which is clear feeling. Spirit will communicate to me via emotional and physical sensations. Spirit communicates what I need to know about them by physical sensations such as how they passed, how old they were or other important characteristics. Example, I have felt loved ones who hung themselves, were shot, heart attacks, you name it by how I feel. My second sense is Claircognizant which is clear knowing. It’s like getting a download of information about a person, about their life, or from a guide with all the necessary information like we have known each other for years.

Q. Doesn’t some of that scare you, when you feel these things?

Not now that I know WHY I am having these sensations. I used to be overwhelmed by feelings but know I know where they are coming from and why, I am not afraid. When I am in a session and I feel my lungs fill up because someone drowned is much easier to deal with than being at the grocery store and having that same feeling.

Q. How do you know you are not letting in some dark entity or some spirit deciding to live with you?

I pray before and at the end of every session. I ask that we only speak to those who walk in Gods white light and grace.  We always thank Spirit for coming forward and none of them want to hang out at my house. I do Sage my house periodically to cleanse is, a practice that I recommend for anyone.

Q. What if the message is not positive?

The messages are always helpful and not doom, gloom or sell your possessions the world is coming to an end. Spirit always has a way of providing the right message, at the right time with the right tone. I’ve had some stern messages but they were in the context of love and the greatest good for the client. I had someone do a reading for me and the message was about someone in my life passing away very soon. That feedback put me in a place of fear and I went back to see if the message had changed. You should not feel compelled to come back to a reader, I wrote it off as someone who did not resonate with me and we are all healthy.

Q. Are you conscious during the sessions?

Yes, I am completely conscious during the sessions and not in a trance. I do talk very fast and sometimes phrases will just come out that loved ones used to say to my clients and I don’t even realize it.

Q. How can you do these sessions over the phone?

Being on the phone has so many less distractions versus being in person. I am connected to your higher self vs seeing your body language or other white noise. I have my eyes closed most of the time, am writing furiously, or my hands moving all over (sure I am a sight to be seen!). We are all energy and energy can be tapped no matter where you are at.

Click here for more information on how a reading works over the phone.

Q. I may get emotional… is that OK?

Please do. I have a Counseling background and crying does not frighten me at all. Many sessions involve the sitter being in tears. I’ve visited a Medium and I was overwhelmed by emotions which was just what I needed.

Q. Can I be of ____ faith and talk to you?

Talk to whomever you are guided to… faith is in the eye of the beholder.

Many clients I work with want to make sure I believe in God and that I am “safe and normal”. Yes I do and yes I am (at least I hope I am normal!). Most are relieved when I tell them I identify with the Lutheran faith.

When I discovered this gift and had the courage to come out, I received a TON of support from people of all beliefs. I feel closer to God because of the work I do not in spite of it. The more I tried to fight it… the more anxious I became because I was not living my life’s purpose. This is how God made me, I love who I am and all peoples differences.

Check out my blog post about this for more in-depth information.

Q. Any recommendations on books?