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Mediumship Sessions

I offer sessions where I convey messages from your deceased loved ones to you in one on one, or group settings (upon request). Sessions are full of love, acceptance and forgiveness because our loved ones are always just a thought away from us and only want the best for us.

We can talk either via phone or online. In person sessions are available upon request – please email me for more details at I will also accommodate international clients upon request.

Want to develop your own intuition too? I am happy to help you on that journey as well.

  • 30 Minute Session

  • 45 Minute Session


Mindfulness Mentoring

I have been in the corporate world for 25+ years, all of which were not easy. I now know that what I saw as “my biggest flaw” of being sensitive is actually my greatest gift. Let me share my experiences on changing careers, going from not being seen to being a top performer and living my authentic life at work and home. Mindfulness was the key to my transformation, which, is a state of being active and focused on the present and not judging situations as good or bad.

I offer one on one sessions (videos coming soon!) to help you work toward your work home harmony. Work IS personal.

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  • 30 Minute Session

  • 45 Minute Session


Not sure if Mindfulness Mentoring is right for you?

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Talking Yourself Off the Ledge

Ever find yourself:

  • Really worked up with a personal or work issue?
  • Needing help in talking yourself “off the ledge”?
  • Having situations turning into a crisis when in hindsight, it didn’t need to be?

Let Kristen provide you with 4 FREE short videos that break down how to reframe a problem before it becomes a crisis.

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