What is a medium?  Well a bridge of course!

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What is a medium?  Well a bridge of course!

This is a follow up blog to my Facebook live event What is a medium? .

There were some technical challenges so if you need, I have other info on my video FAQ
When I first started on this journey, I thought I was mistaken, delusional actually, that I was a Medium.   I did not think I was special enough (note, we are ALL special in our own ways) but just a misguided person. How could I be?  I was too nervous, sensitive and anxious all the time… ahh… oh wait… nervous, anxious… maybe that was Spirit trying to reach me, not that I was a weirdo!   What a relief to find out that I was not damaged.
Why a bridge?  During meditation when I asked for my life’s purpose over and over and I always, without fail, got a flash of a bridge in my head.  I thought “am I supposed to work for a company to build bridges?” “am I going to get HURT on a bridge!?”.  Then I understood a Medium is a bridge between Spirit and the living.   Got it… it’s not literal Kristen.   Spirit doesn’t normally communicate in full sentences but symbols which speak volumes if we are open.
We all have different intuitive gifts:

  • Clairsentience which is clear feeling. This is my main gift, hence the life of panic (aka energy run amuck!). This is where Spirit communicatesvia emotional and physical sensations include what the person was like, their temperament, how they passed, etc.   Example, I have felt loved ones who hung themselves, were shot, heart attacks, you name it.
  • Claircognizance is clear knowing and is like getting a download of information about a person and their life. It’s like you just “know” all about a person’s life as it pertains to the person in the session.   This is my back up gift and I feel so connected when Spirit comes across with this information.
  • Clairaudience is clear hearing. Sometimes that hearing is outside of the ear but most times it is that little voice inside your head telling you something.
  • Clairvoyance is clear vision.This is what most people think of when they think of spiritual gifts with seeing visions. Some people DO see visions outside of their body, however, many times it is subtler like flashes of images in your mind.

Don’t over think these.  Often times we make things much harder then we need to.  Get out of your head, into your heart to feel that connection to Spirit.
Here are a few things that Spirit wants me to let you know right now:

  1. Let me start with… you all have a connection to your loved ones and spirit guides. Anyone who tells you that you have to see them to connect is full of it or is doing this for the wrong reasons.   You do need to be in a place of love and joy to connect and that is often the place we get hung up. I will be doing some simple meditations to help with this.
  2. Their love is unconditional and they are not bogged down by their bodies anymore. They are past any beefs or grief on earth.   Now, are they all saints?    Each still has the same personality however, once they have learned what their purpose was here on earth they move into a place of love in Spirit.
  3. You all come with Spirit guide(s). One is with you from the womb to the tomb.  You make an agreement for what you want to learn and they are here to help you. You decide your path and that main guide guides you.  He/she (there isn’t gender in Spirit but they come to you to help you feel that connection) brings in other guides to help with issues as you ask.
  4. You have free will. They are here to help you, but ultimately if you are told every step, you will not learn what you are supposed to.    When you ask for help, be open to feeling, seeing, hearing or know that sign.   Sometimes, NOT getting a message is the message esp if you are giving away your power.
  5. You are connected to a larger soul family. Do you feel a kinship with certain people?  That kinship may not be with your immediate family by the way.   You have generations cheering you on!

What is YOUR gift?   We all have them.  Do you feel things?  Do you just know things?  Do you have pictures in your head?  Do you have a little voice in your head? (please note: that its not the ego which tends to be a voice that puts you down).  Pay attention to how your loved ones and guides are trying to connect with you.