Moving and maintaining energy  


Moving and maintaining energy  

We have talked a lot about how we are all energy and everything on this earth has an energetic vibration.  

I have talked to SEVERAL people who feel stuck, unfulfilled, frustrated and want something to change in their lives.  In our FB talk On Nov 2, 2016 we walked through a few simple exercises to help move through that “stuckedness”.  
Grounding:  it is so easy to feel disconnected or like we are being bounced around like a bumper car.    Let’s get grounded.  These are the same steps you can use to start meditation as well.   Here is the short version ☺

  1. Sit in a quiet place, back straight, feet either on the floor or underneath you.
  2. Take some deep breaths in through your nose, hold it, imagine love and light enter you and out through your mouth any negativity.  
  3. Imagine green light around your feet and seat going down into the earth and attaching to a boulder in the center of the earth.  Then that energy coming back into feet and working its way into our torso.    
  4. See or feel a yellow light just over your head coming into your upper body meeting and blending with that green light.
  5. More deep breaths in, hold it and blow out any negativity.  

<Assess how you feel… any lighter??>
Give and take: we only have so much energy throughout the day and we give and take all day.  What your energy look or feel like.  Is it a ball?  E-mail?  Lightning bolt?  Warm?   Walk through your day and whatever form your energy has… imagine yourself taking back yours and giving back others energy. Seems too simple?  Yes, it is simple but effective.   
<energy check aisle 3?  How are you doing?>
Clean up that aura:  Feel around you.  Do you feel anyone elses energy in your space?  See someones face?   If so… ask the universe to take it back and find the rightful owner.     Don’t over think this one just feel it through.
Boundaries:  I like to call in arch angel Michael to surround me with his blue light to help me maintain my energy.  You can use the work protection but that put me into fear.    Imagine you are surrounded by a blue shaped energy field, box or whatever works for you.   Before we close this up though… do one more sweep and assure that there is no heaviness, greyness, fear, tension, or something that doesn’t feel like yours.  Have fun here if you like and imagine you’re are scrubbing the inside of that energy field with cleaner, scrubbing brushes, or whatever works for you.  I think that people do is the set this boundary but they still have others stuff stuck in their own space.  What happens is we feel that others feeling are our own.   
<are you allowing energy to move? Sit here and feel/assess>
Get thoughts out of your head to create action or let go.  

  1. Write your top three gripes.
  2. Honestly assess what control you have over it.   Can you stop people from saying what they want to?  Are you taking a victim stance (that is not meant to be condescending) and can do something but are too afraid?  
  3. What is your action if any?  

Here are some examples I hear every day.
Write down the top 5-10 things you need to do the rest of the day and first thing tomorrow.  
In the end, you CAN move energy… you CAN change how you feel, it just takes intent.