Meditation Basics

Meditation Basics - Medium, Psychic, Spirit Guide, Intuitive Counselor

Meditation Basics

The very basic basics – nothing to be afraid of!  

Look up “types of meditation” online and you will find dozens so it’s easy to get lost before you even start.  Earliest written records come from Hindu traditions of 1500 BC, is practiced by millions of people across the world and can be done by anyone.  Yes it can… I hear you saying “well, I just can’t focus” “I never do it right” or “I don’t have time”.  All you need is 5 min to get started.   

Here is my opinion on what meditation means to me….
What meditation is to Kristen…

  • A way for me to align my heart, head and soul
  • Tap into my inner awareness, intuition, higher self to gain clarity
  • Get blocked energy moving
  • Connect with God, Source, Angels and Guides.
  • A focused place to ask for guidance and help.
  • Personal and sacred.  

What meditation isn’t to Kristen…

    • A gateway to negative entities
    • A place to give my power away. ” what do I do next?!” <again and again>
    • Either live on a mountain top, be a sage or lie on a bed of nails (I DO have an amazing friend who does have a bed of nails).
    • A parlor trick to get the Universe to “perform” for you.  “Make the lights go on!” “touch my shoulder!”

How do I start?  Roughly broken down into very simple definitions, I like to look at meditation as either active/guided or passive/mindful.   They are both useful to get out of your head, connect with your higher self or gain clarify.   In the end, meditation should feel like you either could slow down time a bit, feel refreshed, took a mini mental nap, you are less anxious, etc.   If not, do … not… worry.  Don’t over think as it takes some time to surrender and sometimes the process brings up feelings to work through which is a gift in and of itself.
Let’s look at some examples of how I see these definitions…

  • Washing dishes focusing on how the water and soap makes your hands feel, etc.    My Friend Jennifer Lonberg has a class on meditation and this was a great example from her.  
  • Walking, running or connecting with nature.  
  • Playing with or petting your animals.
  • Looking through books at a book store.
  • Guided meditations like I have on my website.  They are all over the place for free or for purchase.


  • There are many “types” of meditations where you get yourself in a relaxed state and become centered.   Heart centered, transcendental meditation TM, etc.  
  • Sit in a chair where you will not be disturbed, focus on your breath, get still and ask for guidance.

Here are some of the steps I take to help me meditate… I prefer the passive   

  1. Sit in a chair feet on the floor in my “sacred space” and unplug from society.  Mobile, phones, TV, computers are shut off.  I have a set of ear plugs and a white noise machine to block out the sounds when I am not up for any sounds at all.   Have a notebook by you in case you are either inspired by something helpful or distracted by an emotion that you will attend to later.  Set a timer if you like.
  2. Find my center by breathing in to the count of 3, hold for three and then exhale… repeat as many as I need to slow down.     Become aware of the space around me and know this is MY space and MY time.
  3. Run my energy <this is key to getting energy unstuck!> by feeling the energy of the earth below me as well as the divine space above me.  While I inhale, energy from above and below come in from my head and feet, blend in my chest and exhale out my chest back into the earth.   Repeat as many times to feel my energy moving.  Breath normally and let energy cycle.
  4. Set my intent for what I need from this time by thinking or saying out loud. Keep it simple. examples.   
  • How can I be of service? Note: I like this one… is it all encompassing and we are all here to serve.   
  • Dear God I ask for help in clarifying X
  • I ask that my spirit guides show me their presence, help me with x…..   
  • Spirit, help me calm down my energy and get peace.
  • I would like to connect with my loved one _____.
  1. Be open for what comes during and after meditation.   You may get a symbol, sensation, numbers, pictures in your mind or inkling during meditation (or after!).  If you do, don’t over think and analyze during your quite time If you don’t, do not worry or judge yourself, much of the clarity or the way you look at a problem can come after meditation is over.    If you are distracted by emotions that come up… write them down and say “I will deal with this after I am done” or ask “what am I supposed to do to clear X emotion”.   Any negative thoughts are coming from the ego and not from Spirit.  
  2. Close out the time by taking a deep breath, thanking Spirit/God/Universe for the time and clarity.   Take the time to look at your notebook and see what inspired or distracted you.  Do you have any emotions that need to be take care of?  Any inspirations?  Again, be open to what comes after meditation as you will not just receive insight during your meditation time.  

If you are having a rough day…just to 2 and 3 and I know you will feel more centered.  When your energy is blocked, it can be hard to problem solve, things don’t see to flow as easily and well, it’s just unpleasant!   Practice, don’t over think or judge if you are not getting clear messages.  This is about you connecting with your higher self.   
There are many classes you can take online or in person if guided to purse meditation deeper.  I hope this helps you start your journey, no matter how deep you decide to go ????