Maintaining our energy

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Maintaining our energy

Feel free to watch the FB live event recorded October 11, 2016 on maintaining your energy.   

Maintaining energy?  

My thought used to be “but, how can I maintain my energy?  People need to stop coming AT me?  I can’t handle what they want from me? They need to stop”.  I was not being accountable to myself and allowing others to influence me and my mood.  You are not accountable for other people and how they act, only to yourself.   I would get ticked when people told me it was my choice of how I felt, but then I understood that if I relied on others to make me happy, I was giving away my power.    So let me ask you …. What is your intent for maintaining  your energy?

1. How do you start your day?  

It’s very important to start your day on a positive energetic note.   Take small steps to help yourself raise your vibration.  Here are some things I do:  

  • Every morning I ask Arch Angel Michael to surround me with his sapphire blue light to help me maintain my energetic boundaries and I imagine a blue light around me.  Anything in that sphere that is no longer of purpose for me or not mine… I ask the universe to take it away.  Simple and effective.
  • Be thankful for any little thing.
  • Imagine psychic or mental junk getting washed down the drain when you shower.  See ya!!
  • Assess how you feel in the morning.  When I am in a funk, I lay there until I feel my energetic vibration in my body moving up, up, up!  Intent is everything.

2. How do you maintain your energy through the day?

Yes, we are all in control with how we maintain our energy.  It takes practice but you can do it if you pay attention.  Here are some thoughts that may help you as it has me.

  • Set an alarm during the day to remind yourself to breath, connect, relax, be grateful or ask for help from the Universe.   
  • Are there meetings you don’t need to attend?  If not, decline them.  
  • Make a list of things you need to complete and notice that lists are never done.  When one is done… a new one starts.  
  • Clean up your desk, home, a drawer, declutter.  
  • Unsubscribe to automatic e-mails.
  • ASK for what you need at home and work.
  • When people (or you complain) ask what they (or you) can do to be a part of the solution.   It is so easy to get into that complaining mire!  
  • Turn off your e-mail or social media synch on your phone after work or when you want to focus.
  • Do your coworkers or boss ask you to do more?   Have a list of your priorities… and ask what needs to be prioritized.  You can’t do more with the same.  
  • Be present with family and in meetings vs multitasking.   We are blocking our natural energetic flow by multi tasking.  

Speaking of multi-tasking….  Here is what multi-tasking does to us – taken from Multi-tasking is killing your brain and Interruption and time management

  • People are interrupted every 3 min with small interruptions
  • People are interrupted with large interruptions 4 times an hour.
  • For larger interruptions, it takes 23 min to get back into the groove (4 times an hour x23 min… that is 92 min which is much more than an hour!)
  • Microsoft did a study where 40% of the time you don’t go back to the original task.
  • E-mail accounts for 23% of all distractions.  Watching the inbox grow and new mails come in throughout the day is distracting  
  • 44% of the time we interrupt ourselves (texts, reminders, IM’ing others, checking mail/social media)
  • Multi-tasking drops your IQ at times to that of an 8-year-old. 
  • Switching of tasks hits us with dopamine (reward hormone) which makes us feel like we are working hard.  Checking social media, mails, etc can be addicting. 
  • Multi-tasking damages the area of the brain (anterior cingulate cortex) responsible for empathy and emotion control.  Yikes!


  • We are more stressed
  • We are more frustrated
  • We work harder or at least think we are working harder.

KMH’s thoughts? Next time you have the urge to do mail during your meeting, checking you phone during dinner, etc to be more efficient or you are driven to multitask…. think about the hit of dopamine you are unconsciously looking for and focus on the task at hand.  Just this awareness does help.

3. How do you end your day?

Ending your day is not just flopping into bed and saying what a terrible day it was and knowing tomorrow is going to stink just as bad.  When you go to bed, you have the opportunity to put yourself in the right mood for dreams, how you will sleep and your state of mind when you open your eyes in the AM.   Some opions:

  • Think back through your day of all your interactions you have had and feel if you have any of others energy and vice versa.   Imagine an exchange of energy like balls of light – your energy coming back and giving people their energy back.  It’s all about your intent of maintaining your energy.   
  • Focus on what you learned about yourself throughout the day.  Did you learn you could handle more than you thought? How what to do or not to do as a leader (we all lead in some way shape or form)?  
  • Be thankful for what you have and raise your vibration.    Anything, the ability to talk, your bed, ability to blink!
  • Ever since I was a kid I would say my prayers and ask God to cleanse me (my energy) and I would imagine light coming in scrubbing me internally and externally head to toe and I could feel my body vibrating.   Easy but powerful.  
  • Feeling bad about something and want to create distance?  Relax and imagine you are in a darkened theater in the front row and play the interaction on the screen.   Imagine yourself going back row by row until you are at the back of the theater, walk out the door and shut the theater doors behind you. Again, it’s about intent.  There is not right or wrong way to do this.   
  • Want help?  Now I lay me down to sleep… yes, ask for it in your dreams.  I like to ask for help with next steps with a specific issue, have it come to me in a dream in a way that I will understand and remember in the morning.   

In the end, I always say to people and myself… “Give yourself a break.  If you are not going be good to yourself, who is.  We are all doing the best we can with what we have at any given time.”  Try saying that out loud to yourself.