Intro to Energy

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Intro to Energy

I did a quick Intro to Energy live on FB and this is a follow up.

We are all energy…..

We are more than just our home or work personas or just flesh and bone, we are Individuals with our own Spirit or Soul. Many of us also believe that we are connected to a larger Universe as well. Energy is Universal. No cultural, race or gender differences.
Do these sound familiar?

– “I get a great vibe from that person”
– “We had chemistry right away!”
– “Not sure why, but that person makes my skin crawl”
– “You light up the room!”

Energetic exchanges and experiences:

  • We have energetic exchanges every day with our family, peers, strangers, coworkers, etc. These can be actions, thoughts or emotions.
  • Who we are today includes an accumulation of our pasts with every experience or energy exchange we have ever had.
  • Every interaction has an energetic component to it and there is an exchange, attraction or repulsion based on that energetic state.

Energy Charges

  • Positively charged energy is in alignment with our natural emotional state of being therefore it just flows into us, filling us up and moves peacefully through. We normally don’t sit and dwell over a positive situation that went well. Why? We are born to thrive in positive energy.
  • Negatively charged energy is NOT in alignment with our natural emotional state.This is where we can dwell and struggle if we allow it.

These experiences can stay with us if we:

  1. Can’t make sense of the situations (when we are small and didn’t know any better)
  2. The interaction aligns with our thought patterns (you believe it)
  3. You unintentionally own the energy (MY anxiety or MY anger)

We are like Radios – what is your frequency?

Each of us processes or receives information differently. Some people are also more sensitive and pick up on more than others. It neither good nor bad.
For me, my radio frequency was tuned way up and I was getting AM, FM and Satellite radio at one time! My thoughts and feelings were jumbled and I didn’t know what was mine and what was others. I’ve learned to turn down what I tune in when I am not in sessions.

My questions to you:

  • What is your frequency?
  • Are you sensitive? (no being sensitive is NOT a bad thing)
  • Do you pick up on others’ stuff?

Action: Pay attention to your energy over the next few weeks. Try not to judge yourself just pay attention to what you feel. Let’s not label feelings of fear, anxiety or anger for now… just energy.