You can do phone readings?

You can do phone readings?

Why yes I can!

I was having dinner with a friend of mine and we were talking about communicating with Spirit and some common questions I am asked. One of the most frequently asked is “How in the world can you do a phone reading? Don’t I need to be there in person?”

I looked at my trusty cell phone by my side I said “hmmm Cell phone vs land line… They work differently right? Talking to you here now, it is like we are using a land line, we need something like a telephone wire to connect us but when someone is in Spirit we don’t need that wire to connect so it’s more like a cell phone. No land line, no poles, just the energy from a cell tower.”

Humanity is catching up to what Spirit has known forever that we are all connected and we don’t need hard wires to connect. I am sure all of you have had a time when you are thinking about someone and they either call, text or show up. My Mother will call me and say… “I just feel you are having a bad day” and she is normally correct. We call it our ESPN! Call it Intuition, call it a hunch, whatever you call it… we are connected.

When someone is in Spirit… be it a loved one, Angel, Guide… we can still connect with them if we are open. I can FEEL my Grandmother Shirley when I need help to develop thicker skin. I can FEEL my Grandmother Olive when I ask for her help in making her delicious Norwegian pastries (which never turn out as good as hers!). Each of you have a connection with those in Spirit that you have loved however fear, grief and mostly disbelief that we can connect may get in the way.

Mediums can go beyond that and communicate with not only our own loved ones in Spirit but other peoples as well. A Medium is sort of like a bridge to help bridge communication with Spirit with no physical form (land line!) needed. All we need is the energy.

Phone readings also allow for the person on the other end to feel their emotions in private if they need and I am not influenced by physical queues. In order to do a meaningful reading I need to remain detached from the emotions of the situation for messages to come through. If I get caught up in emotions it is like static or “Hello? Hello? Can you hear me now??!”