Getting what we deserve


Getting what we deserve

Getting what we deserve believe

Law of attraction is like attracts like.
 You get what you ask for, just think it and it comes… Easy, right?  Easy but not always simple.  We can think and think and think we should get or deserve something but do we believe it?  Neale Donald Walsh in his book “Conversations with God” talks about the sponsoring thought.   Meaning, what is the thought behind the thought… the thought that is controlling the thought.  We may think something but do we believe it in the back of our mind (aka that sponsor thought), our soul.   
How did I get to a knowing of believing that I get what I deserve?  I don’t think…. Instead, I say and then feel.  Do you know how long it took me to manifest being a medium? I mean being comfortable in my own skin?  It took me years to open this gift because I was thinking “OK, I am a medium, why am I not getting farther?”.   Then, I started to feel my misalignment when I couldn’t say it.  “I am a meedddi… uhh… I am a meddeeeuu… oh boy… I can’t say it!”  When I did…I felt religious judgement, judgement from some who don’t believe in God that I did, unworthy and this is unreal who am I anyway?   I worked on peeling that judgement back and moving that energy out of the way.
Are you are feeling blocked?  Common things I see is love interests, money and job.  Try this… say “I am worthy of love, mine or a new job, money, etc”.  How does that feel to you?  My hunch is that if you are having issues drawing this in… you are likely not actually believing you “deserve” it and it doesn’t feel right.   I am cautious about using deserve as many clients are like “I told you.. I am terrible, I don’t deserve anything and I deserve the worst!”.   Don’t use the word deserve as a punishment but deserving as abundance.    To

Manifesting is not about tricking ourselves or the Universe.
 You can’t say you are allowing something to come your way and you don’t accept as true.    It is about taking accountability for who you are and what you are attracting.  Were things that happened to you in your past – esp. childhood – you fault?  As children, we are powerless.   This next part can be hard to hear…  we are not powerless as adults so we can choose to turn that around, see who we are and move on.    It can be a challenge for some of us, including myself, to take accountability for taking that look inward
What we want ….we repel.  What we allow and believe …..we attract.     

  • We want love…   but don’t love ourselves
  • We want respect … but we don’t respect ourselves
  • We want others to see our worth… but we don’t find ourselves worthy.   

Two things I see people looking for when they struggle with manifesting … they are either looking for either validation our worth or vindicating our worth.  
My real-life Examples:

  • Love: I wanted to be loved, but I didn’t love myself.  I was always the crazy girlfriend, looking for validation that I was loveable because someone loved me.  I changed my personality in an instant to make sure I was acting good enough to be with that person.   That gets old real fast and the real you… well the real “who are you?!” comes out and can’t be that lovable.   
  • Money + Work: I had always done well at work and I wanted to badly to get into a company and when I did, I felt like I was drafted to the major leagues.   I did well for a few years and then I hit a wall.  I started to get overlooked for promotions, money, opportunities, respect and got a poor review.  I went around telling people about it and of course everyone supported me.    I wanted vindication that I was good at my job.   Vindication didn’t get me anywhere…it just got me angrier and I dug in my heals looking externally. Drama was a part of my identity.  

I recommend when you are stuck and aren’t getting what you want,

  1. Say it out loud.   Ex “I am worthy of ______”.
  2. If you don’t feel it, take an honest look at yourself without judgement.  No matter what you do… you are _____ enough.  Work through and move that energy that is blocking you.
  3. Are you looking for either vindication or validation?  Again, don’t judge.  I know it can be embarrassing, it was for me, but once you get past that need for people externally to get you something you will free up SO MUCH energy.    

I hope this helps you… from the bottom of my heart… I hope this helps.  
Love Kristen Marchus-Hemstad