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What is accountability?

I did a FB live event on Nov 30, 2016 on this subject.  Feel free to listen to that if you like!
When I started on this journey of figuring out my “stuff” I kept hearing… “you are not accountable, you are not accountable” and I didn’t know what that meant.  To me, the operational definition of accountability was doing more or being responsible for taking on my more.   
So, I would take on more at work, more at home, more for others and neglect how I was feeling.   I thought “ok, the more I do for others, the better I will feel about myself”.   However, this mindset lead to the exact opposite.  I was looking external for more accountabilities that external lens brought resentment of others for not reciprocating, not appreciating me, and not getting what I thought I deserved.  
Accountability is not about doing but a way of being.    To me now, accountability is being responsible for ….

  • How I show up at work, home, friends and family
  • How I choose to feel and do something about feelings that are not comfortable or in alignment with my happiness.
  • How I choose to react, owning when I don’t react in a way that I would like to and taking action to move past those factors contributing to how I react.

Accountability is being braveholding up a virtual mirror to yourself and taking honest look at yourself, how you feel and what is blocking your happiness, joy, love etc (if that is what you are wanting). I would encourage you to be centered, find your place, and make a commitment to finding your worth.   You may not feel it now, however, acknowledging that you are going to work on your worth is a big hurdle to get over.   We need to feel it before you can truly expect that worth in return.

  • We all have had things in our past that account for how we act and feel the way we do now.   
  • Many of us spend years pushing down those feelings because they either make no sense or happened so long ago that I “should be over it”.  

Accountable is a way of allowing yourself to feel and move the emotions aka energy through and reconciling our past with our present.   These feelings are not always pleasant but it is important to face them so they lose their grip over you.
Forgiveness is huge… however for some people the word forgiveness is too much right way so try reconciling, incorporating, merging, etc.    Understanding is intellectual and there are situations that will never make “intellectual sense to us”.   Don’t try to get your mind involved… the mind will always get you down a rat hole.   
Not sure what to do next? I have past blogs and FB live events that cover bits and pieces to from what is energy, monitoring thoughts, moving energy, anger etc.   Find what resonates with you and take with you what may help you enhance your life.