60 Minute Session (Phone/Zoom)


As a spirit medium, I connect love ones here with those spirits to help heal their heart. Serving the Austin TX area and the United States via phone, Skype, Zoom, or in person.

**Sessions in person by request, contact**


Yes!  we can do this over the phone | Rates are $325 for 60 | Payments by PayPal, Check or Cash.

Allow me to connect with deceased loved ones, guides or angels | Let me help you understand how to connect with Spirit!

If this is your first time getting a reading, or your first time working with me, you may be wondering what an appointment with me is like.

We will either meet on the phone or in person. There is no need for physical contact and I do not need to touch anything of the person who has passed over because connecting with their energy is enough. Clients can ask for a specific person they want to speak to, see who will come forward or ask questions about their lives. I receive information from Spirit via feeling, knowing, seeing and hearing and provide that to you so we are really just having a conversation. I have had people my clients knew or passed before they were born, angles and animals. Spirit knows who to send based on what you, the client, need to hear that day.

The most frequent concern I get is “what Spirit will say? What if my Mom is still mad at me?” and from what I have experienced, Spirit is all about love, forgiveness and acceptance. Please see my FAQ Page for other typical questions and the praise section for what clients have experienced. If you are ready to book your appointment, click Book to view appointment booker.