Connecting with Your Loved Ones

Many of my sessions focus on connecting with and conveying messages from deceased loved ones to clients. Would you love to feel that connection with your deceased loved ones? Know they are there? Sense them? Once you have that love connection you never lose that because love is eternal and the energetic connection can’t be broken. When someone dies, we won’t experience them the same as when they were in the flesh, however, you can connect with your loved one energetically.

Enjoy this guided meditation:


Use this guided meditation to connect with your loved ones. Feel free to make it your own, go beyond what I have provided to create your own scene that will resonate with you. Pay attention to all your senses… feel, know, sense, smell, etc. Know that this connection is not you “making things up”, these subtle experiences are real. We are all intuitive and can connect with our loved ones when we are in a place of love.



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