Melanie: A Christian Medium’s Life and her Gifts of Spirit


(Paperback) by Kevin Schoeppel

Melanie meets Kelvin who helps her understand a question she’s struggled with her whole life – “Can a psychic or medium be a Christan, too?” This is a true story about Melanie’s journey to discover god’s meaning for her.

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Melanie is a lovable, caring wife, mother, grandmother, and friend to all—with a special ability to see and hear spirits, travel out of her body, and affect electronics around her when she gets emotional. All of her life she’s been called a witch and told she is going to hell, until one day she meets Kevin, a Bible teacher and deacon who tells her “Melanie, you are not a witch. God made you a medium for a special purpose”–and an unlikely but close friendship begins.

After Kevin shows her from the Bible how God actually supports her gifts, Melanie and Kevin’s wife, Stanna, inspire him to write a book to help all psychically-gifted persons. With the help of a psychic and book publisher, Dyan, they are initiated into the world of book publishing.

When the book is finally published, Melanie is ready to take on the world—from having group readings in her home town to taking “under her wing” younger mediums from around the world. Kevin, meanwhile, is invited to be a guest on several spiritual talk shows. Just as two filmmakers in the UK and New Zealand make plans to do a documentary on Melanie, she suddenly passes away.

Without Melanie, Kevin feels lost—until the younger mediums she mentored bring messages to Kevin from her, and point out the signs that Melanie is still very close to him—encouraging him to continue their very unique message of love to psychics and mediums around the world.

It’s not only a true story—it is a factual one, with most of its dialogue taken directly from audio and video files, Facebook chats and messages, and emails over a four-year period. Metaphysical celebrities such as David M. Baker, Mark Ireland, Tania Thomas, Peggy Imm-Anesi, the Psychic Twins, and others share the adventure with Melanie and Kevin to support their message. And Melanie herself shares with you her feelings and stories of what it is like to be her, and to have her abilities. Melanie: A Christian Medium’s Life and her Gifts of Spirit is unlike any other book you have ever read!

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